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Civil War

Russia did not give up without a fight: this view of the fratricidal Civil War is an imitation of the ancient iconographic images of battles against the Tartars, German Crusaders, and Poles. On the right side (from the viewer) comes the attack of the power of Antichrist. A bloody banner, the star of Lucifer, machine guns, the mighty rush of horses ... On the other side are the Whites, the defenders of Russia ... But where is the Cross? where are the holy banners, always following the warriors of Holy Russia and always shown on ancient icons? The Church did not call Russians to arms, Patriarch Tikhon did not bless the White armies for the battle, but don't blame the Church: those who fought the Red armies were far from one mind and heart, not knowing well what they were fighting for.

This is clearly seen on the icon: some are ready for the battle, others have fallen, still others are turning their horses back. The All-Russian Council of 1917-18 called the people first of all to prayer, to the restoration of the ancient Christian veneration of martyrdom for Christ. It has taken us over 60 years to heed to this call, to glorify the New Martyrs and make the first step to spiritual healing and rebirth of the Russian nation.

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