Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia
A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Norwich CT USA
Parish Handbook
Introduction to the Parish Handbook

   The handbook is intended to help us live an Orthodox lifestyle, and understand more fully the Traditions of the Holy Church. It is a simple publication for use by members of the Orthodox Church of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, in the God protected city of Norwich, Connecticut, USA.
   Since the very first days of our life as a parish (our first Divine Liturgy being the Entrance of Our Lord into Jerusalem – 1998) it has been our express desire to live our life as Orthodox Christians to the fullest, without compromise. Each day we desire to serve God, and live according to the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is why we are here, this is the reason for the foundation of our parish.
   As members of The Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia we have a tremendous inheritance which has been passed on to us. We are people of many ethnic backgrounds yet we are children of the Russian Church and all its glory. We seek to preserve the Faith, Piety and Holy Traditions which have been passed on to us, and this book is a feeble attempt to meet these needs.
   This is in no way and end to our educational process, nor does this little volume answer all the questions. This is a simple endeavor which attempts to begin the process of self-edification and should be used to keep us on the right path.
   We express our thanks to the pastors who have allowed us to reprint their sermons, talks, and articles which you see here. We pray that this will become a regular reference guide toward increasing our spiritual lives, and that this will lead each of us to a greater service of God and His Holy Church.
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